High Level Hornpipe, The

A hornpipe in the key of G
Abc Source
X:127 T:High Level Hornpipe, The R:hornpipe C:James Hill (1811-1853 or 1815-1860), Northumberland H:Original tune in Bb, and only 2 parts H:James Hill was born in Scotland between 1813 and 1818, H:moved to Tyneside (he lived in Gateshead for sure, possibly H:Newcastle and other places for a while) and was active in the H:mid-1800s. No date of death. D:Paddy Keenan D:Johnny Doran (only 2 parts) Z:id:hn-hornpipe-16 M:C| K:G BA|GBDG BDGB|dgBd GBAG|FADF ADFA|fed^c ed=cA| GBDG BDGB|dgBd GBAG|FGAB cBcd|(3fed (3cBA G2:| |:AG|(3FAF dA (3FAF dA|(3FAF dA (3FAF dA|BdGd BdGd|BGBd gfed| ^ceAe ceAe|^cAce gecA|d^cdf afge|(3ded ^ce d2:| |:(3def|gdBG ecAF|GdBG DGGF|EcEc DBDB|cBAG GFED| DBGF EcAF|GdBG DGGF|(3EGc (3EGc (3DGB (3DGB|ADFA G2:|
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