Hag at the Churn, The

A jig in the key of Dmix
Abc Source
X:351 T:Hag at the Churn, The R:jig H:Caoimhin Mac Aoidh wrote: H:Is also well known in its Irish title Cailleach 'sa Mhaistrim and should H:be interprested as the Hag IN the Churn. This refers to the folklore H:scenario whereby witches would inhabit churns to steal butter. Butter H:could never be made if a witch was in the house when churning was taking H:place. Witches could not tolerate this tune and it would therefore be H:played anytime butter was being churned to drive them away. It was a H:terrible mark on a woman if she left a house while this tune was being H:played and churning was going on. It was a big favourite of the Dohertys. D:Bothy Band: Out of the Wind, into the Sun Z:id:hn-jig-102 M:6/8 K:Dmix A2G ADD|A2G Adc|A2G ADD|EFG EFG:| AdB c2G|Add efg|1 AdB c2G|EDE GED:|2 fge dcA|GEF GED||
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