Why Tunesource?
Tunesource is a searchable library of traditional Irish tunes so that musicians can find the tunes the want to learn and play. It give you the music score, abc notation, a generated midi track and where available, the youtube video. The newest feature it offers is an interface to allow you to loop a segment of the youtube video and slow it down to play along.

About Me
I am a software engineer and musician. I've played many styles of music since starting as a kid. I've played in concert bands, orchestras for musicals, garage bands, pub & wedding covers bands, a dixieland jazz band and more. Only recently did I decide to start learning trad music as it was the one genre I hadn't really delved into despite being around it all my life. I took up the banjo and really enjoyed the process of exploring and learning new tunes. Using online resources like Amazing Slow Downer, Youtube, The Session, I had most of what I needed to learn by ear. The next best thing to actually getting to a session and learning with real people! This process inspired me to build a reference site for this stuff, as most of what I found was not very modern or mobile friendly.

Le buĂ­ochas
One of the best things about working on this site has been getting in touch with people who are also putting their time & energy into the trad music scene. I hope by linking to youtube videos of tunes I'm helping bring peoples attention to the many creators out there. Special thanks to Aidan Crossey of The Irish Mandolin for allowing me tap into his vast amount of tune recordings and for being a good sounding board in the latest development of this site. Also huge thanks to Henrik Norbeck - a legend in the Irish music notation scene! I have been using his notation as the bulk of my library.
Another big bualadh bos to Mr. ABC.js - Paul Rosen whose tireless work in maintaining this library is the technical foundation of many folk music publishing sites including this one. Jeremy Keith of The Session who has maintained the number one goto point for trad on the internet. I'm using his API on this in an attempt to link out to the relevant tune.

Other good trad related resources...
The Irish Mandolin - Aidan Crossey's excellent site
Banjoheads - An inspiring community of banjo players on FB from beginners to the best players in the world!

My Projects
Other apps & sites I run
muso.fm - Internet Radio for music lovers
LoopTube - The best tool for looping, slowing down youtube video to aid musicians learning tunes.
Dart Times - When's the next DART.

Feedback, suggestions? Get in touch brian@tunesource.net

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