Casey's Pig

A highland in the key of G
Also known as Boston O'Connor's
Abc Source
X:110 T:Casey's Pig T:Boston O'Connor's R:highland C:William Marshall (1748-1833), Scotland H:Comes from Scottish strathspey "The Duke of Gordon's Birthday" D:Patrick Street: Irish Times Z:id:hn-hf-33 M:C| L:1/8 K:G D<GGD EDGB | d<BgB A2AG | D<GGD EDGD | (3EFG DB, G,2G,B, :| |: gab<g d2df | gab<g e2ef | g<be<g d<gBG |1 AGAB G2Gf :|2 AGAB G2GE ||
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