Joe Cooley's Jig

A jig in the key of D
Abc Source
X:578 T:Joe Cooley's Jig R:jig H:Also played in G, #333. See also "The Angry Peeler", #194 D:Sanctuary Sessions Z:id:hn-jig-329 M:6/8 K:D fef dcB|~A3 ABd|~e3 edB|~e3 ede|~f3 dcB|ABA ABd|~e3 edB|d3 e3:| |:~f3 a2f|fef a2f|efe edB|efe ede| [1 fef a2f|fef afd|efe ede|f2e d2e:| [2 fef dcB|~A3 ABd|~e3 ede|f2e d2e||